The evidence for policy

We use an evidence-informed approach to our policy messages

We work to influence governments around the world to develop, implement and evaluate evidence-informed policies to help individuals and populations adopt healthy eating and drinking behaviours, maintain a healthy weight and take regular physical activity.

We do this by encouraging and supporting national and international policymakers to take comprehensive action by updating, interpreting and communicating the evidence for policy in a way that enables governments to adopt and implement effective policy actions.

Our report, Policy and Action for Cancer Prevention, sets out the evidence underpinning different types of policy actions and outlines how effective they are at influencing and changing the lifestyle choices that people make – and how this relates to cancer risk.

Building on this policy report, NOURISHING – our evidence-informed policy framework – provides a comprehensive policy approach by outlining the 10 areas that governments need to take action to reduce non-communicable diseases, including cancer.

In addition, our Food Policy Highlights from Around the World leaflet provides a selection of robust evidence-supported food policy actions from which countries can learn from and tailor to their specific contexts.