Our refreshed policy database with new and improved features

Our NOURISHING policy database has new features to make it easier than ever to search, find and compare policy actions.

25 October 2016

World Cancer Research Fund International has refreshed NOURISHING - our database of policy actions implemented around the world, which promote healthy diets and reduce obesity and other non-communicable diseases, including cancer.  

It is now easier than ever to access our policy database, which currently holds 360 policy actions across 126 countries.

The new features include:

  • An easier overview of the framework and more readily available information;
  • Ability to search for policies by individual country;
  • Making the NOURISHING tool function better on mobile and tablet devices.
  • References and links to evaluations of policy actions (where available) – we have included 31 evaluations;
  • A document outlining the methodology used to compile and update the database.

The new features will allow users to more clearly identify where action is needed, select and tailor options suitable for different populations and assess if an approach is sufficiently comprehensive.

These changes have been implemented as a result of an online user survey in late 2015.

You spoke, we listened – see the new NOURISHING database here.