Every year we attend conferences to present our research on the link between diet, weight, physical activity and cancer prevention and survival.

Forthcoming conferences

22 – 31 May 2017, World Health Assembly, Geneva

We are in official relations with the World Health Organization, which allows us to participate in the World Health Assembly in a variety of ways. Follow our Twitter feed during the event to hear the latest news.

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7 – 10 June 2017, 16th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA), Victoria (Canada)

At this event we will have a poster: ‘Towards the 2017 Diet and Cancer Report’, which will be presented by Professor Annie Anderson from the Scottish Cancer Prevention Network

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19 – 22 August 2017, The 21st International Epidemiological Association (IEA) World Congress on Epidemiology, Saitama (Japan)

Professor TH Lam will present an overview of the Continuous Update Project and will highlight the latest findings.

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8 September 2017, Healthy Food Congress, The Hague (Netherlands)

At the event our Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Louise Codling, will be giving a talk about NOURISHING.

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23 – 26 September 2017 Asian Pacific Digestive Week (APDW), Hong Kong, China, 

Professor TH Lam will be presenting a session on Diet, Nutrition and UGI Cancer Risks.

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15 – 20 October 2017, International Congress of Nutrition, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

We will have a symposium at this conference on diet, nutrition, physical activity and cancer and the upcoming update to our Continuous Update Project. Our speakers will be Professor Martin Wiseman, Professor Alan Jackson and Professor Juan Rivera.

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5 – 8 November 2017, National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) annual conference, Liverpool (England)

At this conference we will have a joint session with Cancer Research UK: "The primary prevention of cancer: the role of diet, nutrition and physical activity". Our speakers will be Professor Martin Wiseman, Professor Paul Aveyard, Dr Marc Gunter and Dr Jyotsna Vohra.

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